Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hong Kong Trip (First Day)

Last February, My bf and I went to Hong Kong for 6 days 5 nights trip to meet up with my friends there. It was my second time to visit Hong Kong after so long and the first time to visit Hong Kong with le bf. We were very excited for this trip because we have been planning it more than 6 months ago. :D 

After approximately 4 hours of flight journey, we finally arrived at the Hong Kong International airport. Whee~~ ^^ We managed to pass through immigration process pretty fast due to the officers efficiency. :D

We then proceed with applying for the octopus card. Just so you know that Octopus card is accepted all over Hong Kong! You can use it for transportation and parking, at retail outlets, self-service machines, leisure facilities and schools as well as through online. You can even use it for access control at a growing number of residential and commercial buildings. It cost you HKD150 with HKD50 preloaded amount in it.

As we arrived there in the evening, we opted for MTR for us to get to our hotel. After we checked in to the hotel, we straight went for our dinner at Mong Kok with a friend of mine. I ordered a "Zha Jiang noodle" and my bf get himself the chicken feet rice. Taste nice~

We decided to stop by at one of the most famous street market. This is the ladies market where you can shop for alot cheap stuff and souvenirs. You must learn how to bargain there in order to get much more cheaper price than what they offer, you will get surprised! I do get to purchase some stuff which the original price are around HKD150++ and I ended up paid for only HKD50 for 2 items.

This is one of the cheapest stall which sells most of the items at only HKD10-HKD30. Like the winter coat I'm holding, it's only cost HKD30 which is just around RM12, UNBELIEVABLE price for a nice coat!

After a long walk, we stopped by at a few food stalls to try out local famous street food. You will be spoilt with choices as they're selling more varieties that you can choose from! I had this chicken wings and I love how spicy it tasted! ^^

I also get myself this Hong Kong Style Egg Waffle a.k.a Gai Dan Zai (鸡蛋仔) after a long queue. It cost around HKD8-HKD15 depending on which stall you went. I always wanted to eat this whenever I watch it from those Hong Kong dramas, it really taste gooooood~~

Here is 1 of the stalls selling various of street food like the curry fish balls. The texture of the fish balls selling at there are totally different from those we get in Malaysia. It's delicious!

This is all our supper for the first night. Yummy~ Time to go back and have a good rest for the next day =) I shall write about my visit at Ocean Park on the next post!

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  1. Interesting.. good job and keep it up Nicole ;-)