Saturday, May 11, 2013

Shakura - Deep Cleansing Milk with the Skin Refiner Peel

Have you ever heard about Shakura Pigmentation Beauty? Just to share with you guys about some of Shakuras' skin care products from Japan - Deep Cleansing Milk with the Skin Refiner Peel which I get after a few sessions of facial treatment with Shakura. I find it really good to use and feel totally refreshed.

A deep cleansing milk that helps to remove dirt and balance the hydrolipidic mantel of skin while leaving the skin feeling totally refreshed.  The Skin Refiner Peel is a special formulation that provides whitening lifting and radiant effects to skin, helps to activate the skin's ability to regenerate newer, younger looking skin.

Mix 2ml of the Skin Refiner Peel with Deep Cleansing Milk and apply on the face. Leave it on for 3 minutes then after that rinse off thoroughly.

If you are using only this Deep Cleansing Milk, just massage it over entire face and neck, wipe off and rinse thoroughly with water then follow with a foam wash. This enriched milk provides deep moisture & leaves skin supple and soft. =)