Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Astalift - The Power Of Red Skin & Beauty Festival

Have you ever heard about Astalift? Just so you know that they are multi-award winning anti-ageing skincare brand from Japan which created by Fujifilm. The word 'Asta' in Japanese means tomorrow and 'Lift' refers to the uplift of one's inner emotions as beauty shines through.

They just opened a new outlet in Bangsar Shopping Centre located at 2nd floor. I have attended their opening and had an opportunity to try out their products.

Astalift Anti-Ageing range

These are the two best seller products with new astaxanthin formula and enhanced boost of nano-size lycopene which hydrate and rejuvenate skin for a firmer and more supple visage.

Jelly Aquarysta 
The saviour of severely dehydrated skins. Enhances skin's moisture retention ability, keeping it fresh and translucent. It's their No.1 anti-ageing phenomenon which now comes many times more powerful than ever. 

Essence Destiny 
The star to fulfil your skin's destiny. Brimming with skin nutrients including highly-permeable Resveratrol to bestow firmness, bounciness and a radiant glow from within.

Light Analyzing Moisture Foundation range

The beautician helped me to check my skin condition with the skin analysis tool. I was quite surprised with the result! As you can see I have A for both pigmentation and sebum, grade B for both moisture and elasticity and worst part C for my skin texture. Seems like I need to make sure I get enough sleep and stop being lazy to skip any steps in taking care of my skin >.<

I was pampered with mini facial session and they used their whole range products during the facial session which are Cleansing Gel > Moisture Foam > Jelly Aquarysta > Lotion > Essence > Cream. The beautician was so nice to showed and explained to me each of the products during every steps and given me some advice on taking care our skin which made me learn alot though.

What I like about their product? The floral-like scents in the products which really made me relax throughout the whole session! And their best seller product which is the Jelly Aquarysta, it's immediately absorbed after the application on my skin, really a perfect base for makeup as it's non greasy. After the facial, I feel that my skin more nourishing and my face complexion looks smoother and plumped-up.

Now it's time to have a makeover session! The makeup artist used their Light Analyzing Moisture Foundation, Pressed Powder and Concealor. After the application, I can really see flawless and smooth on my skin with a natural look and the concealor can even cover my dark spots and fit my skin tones in just a shade. Perfect stick!

Last but not least, it's the photoshoot session by the professional of Fujifilm and we are able to bring back a 6R portrait that we chose from the few shots we took. I was so shy during this session as the photographer keep teached us how to pose for the shooting but luckily at last I was able to have the most preferable picture to print out. ;p

For more information, you may visit www.astalift.com.my or follow Astalift on Facebook !!