Saturday, July 20, 2013

BlackBerry Q5 Launch @ Publika

Good news for the Blackberry lovers as Blackberry Q5 has officially launched in Malaysia which held at the Black Box, Pulika!

I have not been using a Blackberry before so this is quite interesting for me to know more about their products, maybe I will change mine soon. ;p

Welcome speech by the emcee

Followed speech by Mr. Annamalai Muthu, the Managing Director of Blackberry Malaysia. During the Q&A session, there are 1 answer which will disappoint us was that they are still working on the Instagram as nowadays most of us are using it frequently so hope they could add this in soon. Surprisingly, the Blackberry Q5 is priced at RM1299 only which consider affordable with the features provided and it's good with long battery lives.

Experience Zone, time for us to play around with the new products~

Blackberry Q5 are available in 3 colors, white, red and black with cool apps, hot games, and more music and movies than ever.   

I prefer the red one =)

The Q5 has some good features and there are 1 features which attract us was the time shift mode and story maker which we could pinpoint and adjust elements of our picture to get the photo we want. Time Shift mode captures milliseconds before and after your photo — so you can scroll back on the dial to open one friend’s eyes and then forward to catch your other friend smiling, before combining it all to create the perfect picture. Once you’re done, use BlackBerry Story Maker to weave those pictures together to create a movie in just a couple of swipes — then share with the world.

For more information do visit Blackberry website or you may visit the nearest branch to try out and play around with this new device, maybe you will like it. ^^