Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Olivia Ong Promo Tour In Malaysia 2013

After 2 years of waiting, Olivia Ong who's a Singaporean Singer has recently released her latest album “等等” (Waiting) and was in Malaysia for a series of promo tour to meet her fans and will be performing for MyFM Fantastic 15 Birthday Bash Concert as well.  Before her performance at MyFM concert on 17th August, she has attended one of the tour at the Lecture Theatre Hall, Berjaya University College of Hospitiality for a music showcase to meet and greet her fans and an autograph session!

During the showcase, she has shared some of her thoughts and feelings with the media members and fans. She has started to develop more interest in mandarin music and this latest album is targeted at the Mandarin-stream fans. In "我在想" (I think), Olivia collaborated with experienced musicians, Chen Jia Ming in writing the first Chinese lyrics this time around and in "不化装的舞会" (Dancing without makeup) she had collaborated on the melody with Chen Xin Ting.

She has performed 4 songs in total through out the showcase which is  "等等" (Waiting), "同化" (Assimilation) and 不化妆舞会 (Dancing without makeup) from her latest album and 1 song from her previous album which is "A Love Theme". I like the new song 同化 as it's a sweet song with her sweet voice, the feeling of summer, you can check out the music video at the bottom. While she was singing, she has close interaction with fans too! She is such a lovely and friendly girl~
Here are the 4 volunteer fans prepare for the game to win some gift!

The winner~ congrats~

Group pic of the volunteer fans for the game and their idol~

Olivia with the Olivians =)

There are a huge group of Olivia's fans who calls themselves as Olivians came to support their idol, most of them have even been supported Olivia for years. After the performance, Olivia approached her fans to have a group pic with them, so nice.

Ready for autograph session~

Finally it's time for the autograph session which the fans has been waiting for after the short break of her performance. Olivia was so nice and friendly to have a warm handshakes with her fans who approached for her autograph which makes them feels glad and some even gets to takes pic with her individually. 

Olivia latest album "等等" (Waiting) collection of 10 Chinese songs and a Bonus English songs. On the music genre wise, she have tried many different types of songs which including Latin, Jazz, Ballad, Chinese style, Rock elements, etc, everyone will feel the different of Olivia.

With her autograph on her album!

Song list in her latest album “等等”:

1.    同化
2.    等等
3.    不化妆舞会
4.    我在想
5.    幸福记号
6.    对了,我错了
7.    大不了
8.    爱够了
9.    不变
10.  守望
11.  Bonus Track/ Wonderland – Samsung GALAXY Wonderland Theme Song