Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Beauty Hauls from Hishop

I get to know Hishop from Carol and seeing all the beauty products on the site just made our hand itchy and ended up purchased some of them. We chose cash on delivery (COD) method and received it within 3 working days. Let me show you what are my 2 favorite products here.

I have bought 2 products - Baviphat Purity Girl's Blusher (#2 Girl's Rose) and Yadah Lovely Lip Gloss (04 Bling Bling Essence).

What I like about this Baviphat Purity Girl's Blusher was the sheer pinkish color that give me a look of natural blush on me. As you can see, the color look so natural on my cheek as if I did not apply any blusher. It is compact enough for me to bring it anywhere too. You also can purchase it at Hishop for RM 29.90 only.

Before and After
Just so you know that I'm not a make up person and normally I will just bring some make up essentials with me and one of them is lip gloss. What I like about this Yadah Lovely Lip Gloss was the bling bling shiny effect after I applied on my lip. It helps on moisturize my lip and less stickiness compare to other lip gloss that I've been using so far. You can purchase this as well on Hishop for RM 19.00 only.

My shopping experience at Hishop was quite pleasant and I love how efficient they were in handling our orders. They are providing Free delivery and also cash on delivery method. Well there are still more beauty products on Hishop that I need to hunt for and I shall wait for their promotion! Lets shop together and stay pretty =)