Friday, June 21, 2013

Pantene's Damage Discoveries Media Workshop - Color & Perm Myths

Last week I've attended the launch and media workshop of Pantene’s new range - Pro-V Color & Perm at Acme Bar & Coffee. We were given the whole set of the Pantene's new range products so that we could try it at home.

I believe many of us do like to color and perm our hair quite often including myself. Usually after I get my hair permed or colored, it turns to be frizzy, dry and unmanageable. As we all know that any types of chemical treatments like dyeing, perming or rebonding can damage our hair, hence I always wanted to find a suitable shampoo that can help to improve my damage hair. So glad that my desired shampoo has finally launched by Pantene!

Pantene Asia Hair Care Scientist - Lais Koelle
Welcome note by emcee
P&G communications manager - Ms. Goh Seng Jone
Hair talk session with Christy Ng & Anzalna Nasir

Pantene's Pro-V Color & Perm Lasting Care is enriched with a new Liquid Crystal Shampoo System that 'repairs damage through the formation of a thin, even film around hair fibers that act as a pseudo F-layer. Pantene helps repair damage by re-building the lost hydrophobic protective layer.

Pantene Asia Hair Care Scientist, Lais Koelle teached 3 volunteers to test their hair health

Here are the steps to determine your hair health condition:
* cut a tiny strand of your hair
* drop it into a container filled with water
* stir it for a few rounds
* if your hair floats means you have healthy hair, if it sinks to the bottom means you have damaged hair

Founder of Hair Atelier - Aaron Yap

After the talk about the latest trends in hair color and perms by Aaron Yap, it's the hair styling segment with his leading creative stylist by demonstrating a series of hair styles with colored and permed hair.

The new Pantene Pro-V Color & Perm Lasting Care range is now available at all leading pharmacies. You may visit to find out more about Pantene. Now hair coloring and perming are not my dilemma anymore, no more worries~