Thursday, June 6, 2013

Benefit Brow Bar @ Sephora KLCC

Benefit has recently opened the new Benefit Brow Bar at Sephora KLCC. To celebrate the opening, Caroline and I went for the 2-for-1 brow wax and shape services which exclusively for Sephora White Card members at Sephora KLCC only. It cost only RM19 per person!

The beautician are now drawing the shape outlines for Carol's eyebrows before starting the waxing steps.

 This is the wax warmer that accommodates most wax containers and warms all wax formulas.

The beautician applied the pre-wax treatment before applying the wax.

While she is preparing to peel off the wax paper, Carol's looks calm but I'm the one who worried for her as I can feel the pain even just by looking at her >.< .

 Finally her brows done in just within half an hours time. Looks so tidy and fresh now =)

It's my turn after Carol's and I was so excited yet nervous as this is my first time trying brows waxing and actually I haven't do brows plucking nor shaving for quite a long time. Can't wait to see how will I look like after the brow service.

Oh my! My eyebrows are now looks like Crayon Shin after the beautician drew the outline of it. ;p 

After the beautician placed the waxing paper on it, I then look like the "chinese hopping zombie" placing with a written charm. lol~ When she peel it off the first time, I felt pain and numb at the entire area >.< . I had to endure the pain through out the whole session, maybe this is my first time and I don't use to it. :(

Now I've done my left brow and you can see the big difference.

Tada~ Finished and now do I look better? Looks just so natural and neat, worth the pain. hehe ;p Go get Wow Brows Now and experience instant gorgeous with the world renowned Benefit Brow Service!